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American National Standards Institute
  National Code Standards

ASB Consulting Store
  Information on government programs and procedures

Association of Fire Districts of the State of New York
  NY State Fire Districts Web Site

Chemical Hazard Info
  Informative site on all sorts of chemical hazard data.

Constitutions, States, and Codes
  Information on all State Laws and codes

Dept. of Transportation Info
  Information on Department of Transportation programs and procedures

Disaster Help
  Federal site on nationwide disaster information. Homeland Security info and other disaster response info.

DuPont Integrated Emergency Response
  Information on Dupont's Emergency Training

Environmental Protection Agency
  Information on environmental issues affecting the Fire Service

Federal, State & Local Info
  Various information resources on all sorts of government data.

Fire Apparatus Manufactures Association
  Fire Truck Manufacturing Information

Fire Department Safety Officers Association
  Fire Safety Officers Information
  Information on Fire Service Issues

Firefighter Cancer Support Network
  Network for thiose firefighters and their families who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Firefighter Ministries
  Information for Fire Service Chaplains
  A popular community site for firefighters from all over the world.
  Information on Fire Service Issues
  Information on issues pertinent to Fire Service

First Bankers Corp. Firefighter Scholarships
  Fire Service Scholarship available from First bankers Corporation - Application Request

  Documentation and forms for SERVES Scholarship from Suffolk County through FRES.

Household Products Database
  Health and Safety Information on Household Products

International Association of Fire Chiefs
  International Chiefs Association Web Site

International Association of Fire Service Instructors
  Fire Service Training Information

  ISO is the premier source of information about property and liability risk.

Legislative Information
  Legislative information for all states and federal government.

LI Firefighter
  Local information on the Fire Service

National Fire Sprinkler Association
  Information on Sprinkler Systems and available training

National Institute of Standards and Technology
  National Standards Web Site

National Volunteer Fire Council
  Nation Volunteer Firefighters Web Site. Valuable Information on Pertinent Issues.

New York State Association of Fire Chaplains
  NY State Fire Chaplains Web Site

New York State Association of Fire Chiefs
  New York State Association of Fire Chiefs web site

NFPA (National Fire Protection Association)
  Information on changes and additions to NFPA

NYS Civil Service Web Site
  NYS Civil Service Exam Announcements - Check Fire Service Jobs

NYS Office of Fire Prevention & Control
  New York State OFPC Web Site for info on Fire Service State Wide.

Occupational Safety & Health Administration
  Information on OSHA by State.

Petroleum Equipment Institute
  Information from the Petroleum Industry
  Propane Safety Information and Training Information

Regional Emergency Medical Advisory Committee
  Suffolk County Regional Medical Information - Minutes, Meetings and procedures

Residential Fire Safety Institute: Operation Life Safety
  Fire Prevention and Home Safety Web Site

Suffolk County Civil Service
  Suffolk County Civil Service site for exams for job opportunities.

Suffolk County Fire Academy
  Suffolk Fire Academy Web Site

Suffolk County Firefighters Burn Center
  Suffolk County Firefighters Burn Center website for all information about the Burn Center and Burn Center Fund

Suffolk County Government
  County Government Information for Suffolk

Suffolk County Volunteer Firefighters Association
  County organization to promote and support the volunteer fire service.

Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund
  Firefighters Fund to support the families of firefighters when the need arises.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

The Firemen's Association of the State of New York
  Fireman's Association State of NY Web Site

THOMAS - U.S. Congress on the Internet
  Access Information on legislation and government nation-wide

U.S. Department of Transportation
  Department of Transportation Web Site

United States Congress
  Information on government and Legislation

US Consumer Product Safety Commission
  Consumer Product Safety Information

Written "Safety and Health Program" Manuals
  OSHA Manuals Information

WTB: Public Safety
  Information on radios and frequencies associated with Public Safety


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